About TranspoNordic Logistics (TNL)

TranspoNordic Logistics (TNL) | Service to Humanity

TranspoNordic Logistics (TNL) is an Africa focused courier company that assists private individuals and transport companies in the movement of their goods to and from Africa. We have specialized services in car and container shipments, forwarding of goods purchased online to their respective buyers, and household and personal effects goods to loved ones in Africa. With our partners across Africa and Europe, we have unparallel delivery service to serve Africa.

TNL is MORE THAN JUST A LOGISTICS AND TRUCKING COMPANY. We strive to move and deliver your goods safely and securely. We take extra precautions to ensure that your goods are protected during the storage in our warehouse, transporting over the sea and the goods final journey to your doorstep.

our mission

To be the leading global logistic technology provider focussed on delivering reliable logistic services at competitive rates.